Practical training

Practical training is an important part of post-secondary study, because it enables students to transfer the theoretical knowledge and material obtained in the context of school education in a real working environment.

In accordance with the curriculum of tertiary study, ballet students undergo a 400 hours of practical training in the first year and 400 hours of practical training in the second year.

Successful completion of practical training is a prerequisite for entry into the 2nd year or the completion of the study.

The practical training can take place throughout the year or can be clustered at the end of each academic year and is determined by the annual work plan.

Practical training in the context of studies at the Ballet College will take place in the Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, under mentorship of SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, Ms Regina Križaj an exceptional ballet soloist and winner of the Prešeren Fund.

Students with at least three years of professional experience may apply for recognition of practical training. Practical education is fully recognized by the students who have at least three years work experience in the relevant field and partly by those who have at least 6 months relevant work experience.

Detailed instructions on the course or a recognition of practical training are available on the school’s website under the tab Forms and regulations.