Registration and promotion


The Ballet College is open to:

a) anyone who has successfully completed the art gymnasium, dance course - ballet or

b) anyone who has successfully completed high school or any other secondary education course and passed the matriculation exam optional subject from music - ballet or

c) anyone who has successfully completed the above course and the appropriate program and

- has passed a special talents test according to the ballet standards and criteria auditions for the ballet dancer.


If the course declares more candidates than available places, the school with the consent of the Minister for Education, Science and Sport shall adopt a decision on limited enrollment, then the candidates shall be selected according to the number of points scored.

Anyone who has been enrolled for three years (full time or part time) in the study course of higher education, can not enroll in full-time studies at vocational colleges. In the case of restricted enrollment the candidates in full-time studies have a priority in enrollment, which have not been previously enrolled in full time studies at vocational or higher education in the Republic of Slovenia.

There is no age limits for enrollment in full-time or part-time studies.  The employeed candidate can also attend the full time course. Employeed students can not claim the rights and benefits that otherwise arise out of having a student status (eg . students food benefits, scholarships, health insurance, etc.).


Application process

Registration for the entry should be submitted in accordance with the requirement for enrollment in vocational colleges, which is every year at the beginning of February, posted on the website of the Higher Vocational Education Admissions Office .

Studies for regular students are free, funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport .


Promotion to the next year

Students can progress to the 2nd year when they successfully complete all the obligation modules, courses and practical training for 1st year and receieve at least 45 credits.

Students can repeat a year if they carry out all the study obligations and practical education of the same year to the extent of at least 20 credits within all they must fully carry out the obligations under practical education. Repeating of a course has to be approved by study committee vocational colleges on the basis of a written application of the student.